Wingless Bird

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength." - Ralph W. Sockman

You can ask me, I'm just not sure if I'll answer
Mamoru: The future isn’t only good things. There are times when you have to choose between bad and worse.
I would never have guessed that seeing the future would also be a bad thing.
— Until Death do Us Part


I invite you all to come to skype and discuss not only about this great series, but about Jesus, Yami no Aegis and even Alcablane!!

Please join Mahii-Mahii or me, Attanus, and we’ll add you to the party!

Here’s for everyone who loves UDDUP!!!

I’ve painted them some time ago, so you might find them somewhere else. Please use them however you want and share them with whoever you want, the only thing I really want is for this manga to get even more popular!

If you want to have another image from UDDUP painted, just use the ask box or something.

Quantum Professor: She saw the slight possibility that meeting you would allow her to survive, and she desperately followed that slender thread of hope, finally meeting you.
— Until Death do Us Part
Haruka: Aren’t you afraid of guns?
Mamoru: I am. But I wasn’t afraid of the guys who had them.
Haruka: Oh…
— Until Death do Us Part

From the next post on, I’ll be quoting all my favorite sayings from Until Death Do Us Part. Just to warn people.

No one is born in this world being completely alone!
— One Piece
On our journey across the islands, all of us became stronger without even noticing. He too has overcome death on every island we passed by.
Someone who could die from a little brawl…we don’t have someone like that in our crew!
— One Piece
-Go ahead. Say it.
-You don’t deserve her.
-I don’t. I know that. But I need her. And I don’t need anything.
— Sabrina (1995)
I came here from Province alone, uneducated, for 6 months - no, more than that - a year I sat in a cafe drank coffee and wrote nonsense in a journal, then suddenly it was not nonsense. I went for long walks and I met myself in Paris. You seem embarassed by loneliness, but you see, it’s only a place to start.
— Sabrina (1995)